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Want more out of search? PAGES was created to help.

No part of a business works alone. Each department has a role that supports the others. Understanding the important role search engine optimization (SEO) can play in marketing your business business can be the key that unlocks its potential.

PAGES isn’t your typical SEO read. You won’t find dense tutorials or detailed instructions for implementing SEO tactics inside.

What you will find are stories about how SEO can benefit you, and strategic insights about what works when it comes to search. PAGES can help you leverage the value of search as marketing channel. We source our stories, insights, and guides from SEO experts across the industry to help marketing managers understand what search can do for their organizations.



Why PAGES SEO magazine?

One of the most common questions we get about PAGES is, “Why did you decide to start a magazine?”

It seems a little counterintuitive: PAGES is a dead-tree (print magazine) published by a company whose bread-and-butter is digital.

PAGES was started because of a need: there’s no school for SEOs, but we all use the web, and there isn’t a marketer out there who doesn’t benefit from understanding SEO basics.

With all of the information on the web about digital marketing, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which opportunities are right for your business and where to begin when it comes to search.

Google is the #1 search engine in the world, making it the primary way people discover and access information. Understanding how Google processes and ranks the information on the web is arguably important for any web user who uses the search engine, and undeniably important for anyone who operates a website.

We found that there was a gap in content when it came to informative and appealing content for SEO beginners. PAGES was created to make SEO accessible to those that can benefit from learning about it. It’s an engaging resource for anyone interested in SEO.

PAGES helps marketers learn about how SEO can benefit their business or their clients’ businesses. All of the content within PAGES is curated to be easily digestible, and tie back to big-picture benefits that demonstrate the value of SEO. Having an understanding of web theory and SEO principles can also help marketers gain a more complete understanding of digital marketing strategy.

Just as a business’s operations should be optimized to be as efficient as possible, so should its marketing plan. Applying optimization principles to digital marketing strategy helps marketers get the most out of the work they put into their websites or their client’s sites.


What is PAGES about?

PAGES is focused on SEO insights that can benefit digital marketers.

Within that topic, there are many other subtopics and related topics that are explored in PAGES, including:

SEO Principles and Tactics

SEO strategy

Keyword research

Technical SEO

Onsite SEO

Local SEO

Off-page SEO / link building

Case studies / SEO results

SEO software and tools

SEO news

Digital Marketing

Marketing strategy and principles

Search engine marketing

Consumer behavior

Consumer research

Content marketing

Social media marketing

Email marketing

Web Theory

Web functionality and structure

Search engine operations

Web user behavior


Who created PAGES?

PAGES was started by a team at Page One Power, an SEO agency based in Boise, Idaho.

PAGES is made possible by contributions from SEO experts from across the industry.

The SEO industry has long relied on networks of industry professionals to share industry changes and news, SEO research, insights, advice, and basic education about SEO. PAGES leverages this model to deliver this information in a way that’s easily accessible for those who can benefit from learning SEO.

We accept contributions from anyone passionate about SEO who has proven expertise, from well-recognized voices from industry-leading SEO software tools, to promising emerging marketers who have important things to say about search.

PAGES is powered by its crew:

Editor-in-Chief: Joe Oliver

Art Director and Designer: A.J. Ogden

Managing Editor: Sloan Roseberry

Marketing and Advertising: Jan Schmidt

Outreach Coordinator and Content Contributor: Andrew Dennis

Who writes PAGES?

PAGES is written by contributors from across the SEO and digital marketing industry.

Past contributors to PAGES include authors from SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Moz, Ahrefs, Drift, Page One Power, Siege Media, Seer Interactive, and other thought-leading digital marketers.

In order to ensure PAGES is balanced and authoritative, PAGES sources contributions from many different sources across the industry.


How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways you can get involved with PAGES! Here are a few:

  • Recommend a contributor to PAGES!
    • Know someone who would be a great contributor? Let us know, or direct them to our contributor guidelines! We’re always looking for SEO experts who are passionate about helping others learn.
  • Write for us.
    • Interested in writing yourself? We’d love to see what you have to say. Check out our contributor guidelines for details on how to become a PAGES author
  • Share PAGES.
    • PAGES is free! Share PAGES with your friends, colleagues, or anyone who can benefit from learning about SEO.
  • Join the conversation.
    • Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Share your thoughts on PAGES using the hashtag #pagesSEOmagazine — your tweet just might be featured in the next issue of PAGES!


How do subscriptions work?

To keep PAGES accessible to those who can benefit, we work to provide PAGES for free to as many of our subscribers as we can. For North American subscribers, it is free to subscribe to PAGES SEO Magazine.

PAGES was built on the concept of community and sharing SEO knowledge.

Here’s how PAGES subscriptions work:

PAGES is best read in print and has a limited print run.

All subscribers will receive a print copy of the issue of PAGES that’s released following their subscription. All subscribers get immediate access to the digital archive of past issues. Each issue enters the digital archive upon its release.

What this means for subscribers: if you want to get your hands on an upcoming issue of PAGES, subscribe before its publishing date to be guaranteed a print copy. If you subscribe after the issue has launched, there’s a good chance you’ll have to wait until the next quarter to read the issue once it enters the digital archive.

PAGES ships free to North American subscribers. Due to higher shipping costs outside of this region, all other international subscriptions are subject to additional shipping and handling fees. If you subscribe to PAGES with an international address, we will contact you about your payment options for receiving PAGES in print.


I have a question about my subscription — who should I contact?

Please contact us with your questions about subscriptions here: info@pagesseomagazine.com.


I’m interested in advertising in PAGES magazine. Where can I learn more?

PAGES offers a range of advertising options that get our advertisers in front of digital marketers and SEO professionals looking to expand and improve their digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Access our media kit here for more information about our affordable advertising options inside PAGES magazine.

You can also reach us here for any advertising inquiries: jan@pagesseomagazine.com.